Freethinkers, Skeptics, and Atheists at York (FreeSAY) is a social and advocacy organization for non-religious students at York University in Toronto. We are chiefly concerned with raising the visibility of such students on campus, as well as providing a community where they may freely discuss their beliefs and experiences.

We also seek to create a space for the York community to openly discuss philosophical issues which are often considered taboo, and we therefore welcome dissenting viewpoints so long as they are expressed in a civil manner.

More generally, we are dedicated to promoting humanist values and critical thinking, as well as interest in, and understanding of, science and the natural world.

Our primary means of accomplishing our goals will be our weekly meetings, where we will either have discussions on topics related to our areas of interest, watch movies/documentaries, or play boardgames (treats will be provided!). We will also be hosting larger campus events on occasion.

This group is open to anyone who is interested, and not in anyway limited based on religious views. To keep up with developing events related to our mandate, be sure to join our facebook group.

Our goals at a glance:

  •   To further the acceptance and application of science, reason, and critical thinking in all areas of human endeavor
  •   To create a campus community for freethinkers, skeptics, atheists and agnostics
  •   To challenge misrepresentations of non-religious convictions and lifestyles
  •   To encourage freedom from superstition, irrationalism, and dogma
  •   To cultivate in ourselves – and others – a sense of responsibility to, and compassion for, humanity
  •   To counter all forms of religious or political extremism
  •   To defend religious freedom and the separation of church and state
  •   To defend individual freedoms and civil liberties for all persons, regardless of race, sex, gender, class, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability

Note: The opinions expressed on this website and blog do not necessarily reflect the views of FreeSay as a whole or of its individual members. The opinions expressed here belong to those of the individual authors. FreeSay cannot be held liable for or responsible for the content of this website or any website linked to it.


8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I’m organizing an Atheists, Agnostics, Free Thinkers and Secular Humanists group at Mount Royal University in Calgary. I understand that York did something about its Interfaith Chaplaincy Office. Can you tell me about that? I don’t think they should be subsidized through students and government grants, even if it’s just free office space.


    • Hi There Steven,

      Unfortunately I haven’t heard about our club trying something like this in the past and our senior members are not familiar with this either. Also I dont think this is a battle your club would be likely to win. The problem with our laws is that it is freedom of religion, not freedom from our religion and because of that they have the responsibility to offer something like this to all religious groups as it would otherwise be discrimination. However, one of the benefits for you is the interfaith chaplaincy office has an obligation to let your group join if there is no other secular group already in it. I would suggest that your club does this and try and create change from the inside as opposed to an outright ban.

      I hope this helps though

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