New Year, New Execs.

Hey guys! FreeSAY recently went through an administrative shuffle, as previous admins have graduated and passed down the torch
onto new leadership…. Without further ado, here’s a look at FreeSAY’s amazing 2013-2014 team!

President: Robert Parolin
Vice President: Nicole D’Souza
Executive Assistant: Maxim Steiner
Project Assistant: Martina Moravcikova
Design Technician: Calvin Fennell
Event Planner: Daniel Lee

**Note: Our new meeting time will be Mondays from 5:30-7:30PM (location TBA), we look forward to seeing you all then!**
While we won’t divulge our lineup of intellectually stimulating discussion topics just yet, here’s a look at some past issues we’ve gone over:

-Alternative Medecine
-Gender Inequalities
-Freedom of Expression
-Morality and Ethics
-Rights: What are they?
-Public Funding of Religion
-Ayn Rand. Individualism and Selfishness
-Cultural Integration and the Multicultural Society