Was God created in man’s image?

         At first glance this illustration may appear to be just another rendering of the Sistine Chapel’s The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. However with closer inspection one sees that Adam is actually illustrating an unfinished god. This beautiful charcoal drawing was created by Cristian David Garcia.

The original artwork by Michelangelo was meant to be a Biblical depiction of the moment when God first breathes life into Adam. Creatively, Garcia breathes life into this idea and flips it upside down to demonstrate an atheist perspective. The Creation depicts the moment when a human created god.

Wait. Read that again. Humans created god? What a preposterous idea!

         No, you read it correctly. As an atheist, I believe this idea to be true. The claim that an elderly man created the universe speaks volumes of how we are limited by our lack of knowledge. Because of the fact that we cannot perceive what is beyond the information given to us, it makes sense that humans conjure up the idea that someone must have made us. After all, we create children who are in our image, so who created us in their image? It somewhat makes sense if using simplistic and egotistical logic.

The problem is when there is evidence that the organisms on our earth exist due to an extraordinary and complex process called evolution. How do we explain the age of our earth? How do we understand our galaxy and beyond? The model of a god creating everything is no longer enough to make sense of our existence.

While we do have amazing imaginative and creative abilities, we do not yet have the technological abilities to perceive and understand the entire universe and how it works. We know facts about our earth, solar system and our galaxy, and we can estimate and theorize about what is beyond that. We can even take images and use the knowledge we do have to try and comprehend what is out there. But the fact is, we are so small, and new to this universe. What we do think we know in science may be disproved tomorrow, as scientific knowledge is constantly in flux.

When taking these ideas into consideration throughout my life, I reached my own conclusion that it may be that humankind created god because that is all we knew when we first became conscious and thinking beings. God is our creation, s/he doesn’t own us. We own the idea of god because it manifested in our minds as an explanation for events that we simply didn’t have the understanding to explain. But now we do have more knowledge, and we are always in the process of learning more every day.

So, I commend Cristian David Garcia for his artwork. It is eye opening and refreshing to see a piece of art which is not only gorgeous to view but also inspiring for the mind.

Of course, another food for thought is the Flying Spaghetti Monster rendition of The Creation of Adam. Now, excuse me as I go to have my second helping of spaghetti.


2 thoughts on “Was God created in man’s image?

  1. Very well said! I personally believe that this is the pillar that Atheism is built upon and not simply a denial of ‘God’s’ existence or us being immoral in spirit; Atheism is an acceptance that we are so small and unknowing in our knowledge of the universe as a whole. Who are we to claim that we know how the universe works, that everything is as simple as a Man on a cloud watching over us. We don’t understand exactly how the world came to be so we make theories. God is one of those theories. However, unlike others that are cast aside as new knowledge refutes them, society has decided to hold onto this theory with such veracity. I agree that there is a certain level of comfort that can be obtained through the imagination, the dream world of man, but that is all it is, just a dream. As an Atheist I prefer to say “Wake up Neo”, the world is waiting for you.

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