Good without God

For some time there has been the misconception that morality is established through religion. This belief has subsequently inferred that those who are without religion are not capable of mortality and thus are deplorable beings. While the average individual, in our modern Western Society, might believe this outdated label no longer holds any clout, this is not the case. The Secular community themselves would like to believe that such a negative stigmatization would not be attached to a group that is heavily composed of  and highly progressive and educated community, but a recent study by University of British Columbia suggests the contrary.

Will Gervais of UBC recently published the study Do You Believe in Atheists? Distrust Is Central to Anti-Atheist Prejudice postulating that Atheists are the most distrusted group. The other groups that were represented in this study were Christians, Muslims, gay men, feminists and Jewish people. The only group that received a similar rating of Distrust were rapists. Yes, you heard correctly. Atheists are distrusted as much as rapists?

I myself as an Atheist find this study to be deplorable and highly misguided. This stereotype has been perpetuated by organized religion for far too long and it needs to stop immediately. From Albert Einstein to Noam Chomsky to Freud, secularists have for centuries helped contribute and change society.  Fortunately The Centre for Inquiry (CFI) has just launched a campaign to help change this perception. Through their Think Again! TV campaign they plan on collecting videos from the secular community showing/telling what they do and what charitable or generous acts they have done to benefit society.

Are you interested? 

As mentioned, CFI is collecting videos from local, national and international voices to defend our stance within the community and demonstrate how we are Good without God. If you are interested in helping with this project, They would be glad to feature you on our video.

Please keep the videos short (less than 1 minute) and keep the format as the following:

1. State your name and where you are from

2. State your occupation

3. What you do for charities, non-profits or society?

4. End with the statement “that is why I am good without god”

You can submit by either uploading the video to YouTube and sending the link to or you can put the video file into CFI’s Drop Box folder linked to

For more information about the this campaign visit CFI’s website at

To read more about this study visit CTV’s article here:


One thought on “Good without God

  1. Hey! Of course atheists can be good, in terms of Gods standard of good deeds, if you like… But may I ask, what is ‘good’ without standard to compare it to? If we all, at the end of the day, are meaningless pieces of protoplasm, then what on Earth does it mean to be ‘good’?

    I enjoyed your post though- yes! Atheists are often stereotyped unfairly. But I’ve certainly found that ‘religious’ people are stereotyped unfairly too. I suppose both are guilty!

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