Q: Should people teach children that they can go to hell for all eternity for sin?

A: No, I don’t believe parents should teach their children that they are going to suffer and be damned to hell. I agree with freedom of religion and freedom of expression but there is a difference between a freedom and a right. A freedom is a privilege and if you harm someone (threatening, emotionally harming someone by saying that they will go to hell) it is no longer acceptable. In my opinion it is harmful to teach children that certain actions they do can condemn them forever. It causes lots of anxiety, guilt and stress that is really damaging in the long run. As a child I grew up in a religious environment and I had a lot of fear and guilt associated with my religion, so I know the result of teaching children about hell. It is only putting large amounts of pressure and fear onto a child, which in my opinion is a form of emotional abuse, because making someone fear for their life (or in this case afterlife) is injurious to that person’s well being.


8 thoughts on “Q: Should people teach children that they can go to hell for all eternity for sin?

  1. Teaching our children not to sin is the same as teaching them right from wrong. Mom has rules, and so does God.

    However, if a parent is using hell as a teaching tool, then they are not Christian. Hell is for people who don’t have Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. My kids, while they sin, will not be going to hell because they know if they make a mistake and sin (because all have fallen short of the grace of God) they can ask God for forgiveness and spend eternity in heaven with Jesus.

  2. What an interesting question!! I think whether you should tell your kids that their sins might condemn them to hell for Eternity has to do with whether it’s TRUE or not! If it’s true, it’s the only thing to do. If it’s not, then certainly not! How do you propose figuring out the answer!?

  3. So then you must believe that we are not to teach our children that if they murder someone they will face spending the rest of their life in a nasty prison where they may end up being raped or even murdered themselves or they in some cases, even face the death penalty?? So, we are to just raise them and allow them to act and do as they please, calling this a “freethinker”, as if there is no consequences to face? So, I am wrong to put fear into my children and they will be warped if I scare them about the dangers of being kidnapped, or being raped by a stranger or even a family member?? There are MANY things in life that will condemn someone forever and we have to carry the scars to our graves…. I was raised to fear God, my parents, my elders, strangers, weirdo’s and on & on & in no way shape or form am I warped nor do I have anxiety, guilt, stress or emotional damage from this! This is something that is wrong in our society today, people do not feel they should have consequences because they have “rights”…. I would rather teach someone that there is a hell and save them from it than to teach them that there isn’t one and then them wonder why I never warned them about it when they get there! It’s so sad to know that freethinkers will have to learn one day, they are not as freethinking as they think they are! There is a God that everyone will kneel before one day…. In believing in God is where we find our freedom, not from a group that gets together and says there is no God….. I pray that something, someday will get your attention before it is too late! Not trying to put fear into you, just trying to save you from such a horrible eternity…. Do you ever sit and think, “What if it’s really true & I have refused to be “open minded” enough to believe?”?? The ONLY thing in life that God does not forgive us denying/blastpheming Him….. I am a very open minded person, I lived life as if God was not important, I never denied Him but He was not needed in MY life but He changed me!!! I am not forcing my belief on you, just sharing what a difference God can make in your life…..

  4. Yes, they should. It’s the truth. A person must recognize they are sick before they will seek a cure. We are all born into bondage to sin. We cannot help but sin. Think you’re a good person? How many lies have you told in your life? How many times have you stolen? How many times have you lusted in your heart after a person? How many times have you hated someone? How many times have you had sex outside of marriage? How many times have you been disobedient to your parents? God’s standard is moral perfection and we all fail the test. Our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked. We are all guilty before a holy, good, just, righteous, and perfect God and He will uphold His law and see that justice is done. We all rightly deserve Hell, but God, in His love, provided a remedy for our problem. God became a man – Jesus of Nazareth – and paid our penalty in His life’s blood. Therefore God can legally dismiss our case. He can uphold His law and still save us. What we must do in response is demonstrate true sorrow for having broken His law by turning from our sins and placing our complete trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ. God will give you a new heart, with new desires, and will grant you eternal life with Him. You have His word on it!

  5. No- hell is not eternal. Right now it’s just a prison dimension, where they wait for about 1000 years until judgement. After they are resurrected and judged they may stay in the literal burning hell ( about 35 miles down ) for 100s of years, or whatever- according to their works, but even the soul will be totally annihilated. The Bible says that the “soul” that sinneth shall die. “Forever ” means “aeons of time”, not eternity. You would have to have “Zoe” (God’s own life) to live in hell eternally. So look up – it’s not eternal 🙂 Check it out : Branham.org

    • Two things I would like to clarify before we finish. I don’t know where you are from, but freedom in the USA is a right. They are listed in the “Bill of Rights” amendments to the U.S.. Our “Declaration of Independence” also lists liberty ( or freedom) as an inalienable right given by God Our U.S.A. founders referred to God and the Bible verses many times in our documents. Also, children are covered by the blood of Christ, and go to heaven- at least until they become accountable for their own souls. It then becomes their decision to go to heaven or not. Thankyou for the forum 🙂

  6. THANK YOU! Finally someone who thinks the same way I do! God burns millions of Jews for deciding to maintain their Jewish faith that they where burn into, like Hitler burned millions of Jews, but Hitler actions were unacceptable! Sorry for my aggressive tone, this topic really gets me angry! Hell is faith based position anyways, another words there is no evidence of hell or after life!
    How Christians can really believe in such mean and inhumane things is beyond me!

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