Anti-Choice Propoganda Compares Abortion to The Holocaust

An anti-choice activist group has created a movie which compares abortion to the Holocaust. If this wasn’t already bad enough, the group has now taken to lobbying for their film to be played in high schools.
The film, called 180, is being promoted as “an award-winning documentary”, which is meant to educate children about the horrors of the 1940’s genocide.
Comfort, the creator of this film, makes no distinction between abortion and the Holocaust, which is disturbing, to say the least. Sadly, the film has gone viral and has reached nearly 1.5 million views thus far. And according to The Christian Post, “members of the First Baptist Church of Trenton, Florida … displayed next to a busy highway, four white banners on the corners boldly state ’4000 Babies Murdered Each Day – Each Cross = One Child Each Day.’”

“On the bottom of the banners the ’180′ website address is printed: ‘,’”.

It is disturbing to see just how far the religious are willing to go, to push their propaganda and agendas onto innocent people, children especially. Youth are especially vulnerable and are most damaged by this kind of misinformation, because they will be confused about their reproductive rights as well as historical events.





20 thoughts on “Anti-Choice Propoganda Compares Abortion to The Holocaust

  1. Dear uncloseyourmind…
    you should be happy your Mom was pro-life!
    May God soften your heart this Christmas and let you see that life is a gift.

  2. The author of this article complains about far the religious will go to share their views. Isn’t that exactly what the author of the article is doing. The writer of the article is a hypocrite and a defender of infanticide. The author is defending the murder of babies on the idolatrous altar of human choice.

  3. You might want to be more specific in your criticisms of the movie. Calling it “propaganda” and “misinformation” is pretty vague.

  4. You are right, there are some distinctions between the holocaust and abortions. The holocaust was performed on both the born and the unborn, ours is just the unborn. Other than that, they have the same effect, lots and lots of death and corpses. We are also a little more efficient at disposing of the corpses.

  5. The main comparison between Hitler and abortionists is this: Hitler didn’t consider Jews to be human, nor do abortionists consider unborn babies to be human. Therefore, it’s okay to kill them both.

  6. There is only one question to answer in the abortion debate and it trumps all other questions: That thing growing inside the woman…what is it?

  7. You say this is so damaging. I don’t see it. If we stop the thought process that abortion is just a procedure to remove unwanted waste tissue, then people have to think harder about their sexual activity. This also solves the issues we are having with sexually transmitted disease. If we have to think about being responsible with our sexual behavior because we are not only affecting ourselves but the life of another living human being, as well as others connected to us, how is that damaging? What has been damaging has been the pervasive attitude of if it feels good and I want it, I am going to do it, to hell with any future consequences, I don’t have to be responsible for it.

  8. You really care so much about children that you’re willing to destroy them in the womb – the place where they should be the safest. Even the children you supposedly care about know this is wrong. I bet you wouldn’t be willing to sit down with a child and explain in detail exactly how babies are aborted. You probably haven’t thought too much about it yourself. Too wrapped up in your ideology.

  9. HAHAHA!

    ‘agendas onto innocent people, children especially. Youth are especially vulnerable and are most damaged by this kind of misinformation’

    How do you think Abortion was promoted in the first place?!!!

    obviously, children will think murdering babies is wrong!!!

    I implore you to actually research into what abortion is, when life actually begins, and ends, and specifically late-term abortions.

    planned parenthood doesn’t inform anyone about what actually happens note from their website they explain what happens during the ‘procedure’

    “Either a hand-held suction device or a suction machine gently empties your uterus.
    Sometimes, an instrument called a curette is used to remove any remaining tissue that lines the uterus. It may also be used to check that the uterus is empty. When a curette is used, people often call the abortion a D&C — dilation and curettage. ”

    when in actuality the baby is cut up into manageable pieces and suctioned out of the uterus
    describes it in more detail than the Planned Parenthood website.

    “This is accomplished using a combination of suction curettage and manual evacuation of the fetus and placenta. Ultrasound may be used to guide the tools.

    The procedure is longer and more uncomfortable than a first-trimester procedure, but many women can comfortably go through the procedure with local anesthesia.

    Dilatation and extraction

    This procedure is accomplished by cervical preparation similar to cases of dilatation and evacuation, but the fetus is removed in a mostly intact condition. The fetal head s able to be collapsed after the contents are evacuated so that it may pass through the cervix.

    Very few providers perform the procedure. It is usually reserved for cases of maternal medical complications or serious medical problems with the fetus.

    The procedure, referred to as intact dilatation and extraction, called partial-birth abortion, has now been banned by a 2007 Supreme Court ruling.

    To avoid performing a partial birth abortion while performing a legal dilatation and extraction, digitalis or potassium chloride may be injected onto the fetus to induce preoperative fetal death. Fetal cord cutting may accomplish this as well.

    Research has not firmly established at what age a healthy fetus can feel pain, but generally it is thought that this occurs around 24-28 weeks.”

    everywhere you look the medical industry refers to an unwanted pregnancy as nothing more than ‘pregnancy related tissue’, but everywhere you look if the baby is wanted it is just that, a precious dearly loved baby. There are adoptive parents everywhere that would love and cherish the 1/5 of America’s babies which are butchered each year.
    this is what baby looks like at 15 weeks gestation according to

    All human pregnancies end in human babies!
    May God have mercy on your souls.

  10. I think you need to go back and watch the 18O movie again. Your claim that Mr. Comfort discusses the holocaust and abortion without making a distinction between the two is almost laughable. The two are both about the cheap disregard for life and the assumption that some lives were worthy of protection while others are not. He also parralels the persons comments about being “only one person” and the disconnects between something happening in another congruent or behind a clinic door. Watch it again and thanks for writing about it. You have done an incredible service and helped promote the movie to be seen by thousands (hundreds?) Of viewers of your site. GOD bless you!

  11. Truly sad and laughable that you would decry the accurate comparison between the Holocaust and abortion. In both cases human beings are being murdered by the millions. The fetus is a separate human life from the mother no matter your arguments to the contrary. That you would justify murder for personal convenience shows the desperate state of your conscience and the wickedness of your heart. Your moral compass is decidedly broken and in need of repair and recalibration – it’s pointing 180 degrees the wrong way.

  12. Children will not be confused by this video – they will see very clearly. Infact, we should educate them on exactly how these babies are aborted, ripped apart, crushed, and thrown in the trash. That would deffinately clear up any confusion.

  13. –“It is disturbing to see just how far the religious are willing to go, to push their propaganda and agendas onto innocent people, children especially. ” –But it is perfectly fine rip apart these children and suck them into a vacuum? Do you ever listen to yourselves? Have you ever witnessed an abortion? You may witness an actual abortion and then consider why on earth you are “Pro-choice”.

  14. So you think it’s disturbing to alert people to the fact that innocent children are being killed just like innocent people were killed during the holocaust? Where, I ask you, is the logic in this? Disturbing that people may stop doing away with unborn children? Think this through people…use REAL logic and not the politically correct version which is hardly ever real…

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